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Latest Product Announcements

Continuously Enhancing TOA Solutions


MP-16 Audio Monitoring Panel

MP-16 is a professional audio monitor panel, which is designed to monitor audio signals within a PA system visually and aurally. It is an essential piece to complete a rack-assembled PA system for supporting reliable system installation, daily services operations, periodical maintenance services and emergency trouble shootings.

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Bidirectional Network Horn Speaker

IP-SC15MC is a network horn speaker that can receive broadcasts initiated by other terminals or servers, and supports device configuration through a web browser. With loop fault detection function, the device can provide regular updates on its operation status.

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IP-A1 Network Paging Series

The IP-A1 series incorporates a variety of commercial-grade IP audio endpoints, which can be used as an independent audio system or a fully integrated audio communication system to be configured and operated in conjunction with external systems and platforms such as security video monitoring, access control, digital signage, or fire alarm systems.

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Dante Module for the M-8080D DSP

The M-800DT Dante module provides an easy-to-use audio over Ethernet connection between up to 16 M-8080D Matrix Mixer Systems. It adds 8 Dante input and output channels to expand the possibilities of the M-8080D system with the Dante ecosystem. The M-800DT is an unparalleled DSP mixer ideal for multi-zone paging, music distribution, and in-room combining applications.

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DA-150EH Multichannel Power Amplifier

TOA's DA-150EH-AM features high power handling capabilities and commercial-grade durability. It has a rated output of 150 W x 8 channels (70/100V line output). It covers larger-scale sound system applications where background or foreground music distributions and/or voice announcements are required in multi-zone.

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MW-41BT Audio Interface

MW-41BT is TOA’s second generation audio input panels. It is equipped with a microphone, AUX (3.5mm), USB and Bluetooth inputs, and one mono-balanced output. The in-wall design and modern appearance make it ideal for saving space and integrating with various facilities. Available with two different lockboxes for added protection.

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M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer

The M-8080D 8x8 Digital Matrix Mixer is dedicated to music, paging, discussion, and zone management solutions for Commercial Audio applications. With DSP functions: EQ, Compressor, Ducker, Priority Setting, etc. M-8080D Line-up includes remote control panels, remote input, and output panel, paging microphone. Easy to use and implement. Now available with Dante module.

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CS-761 Horn Speaker

The CS-761B is a two-way speaker featuring a coaxially positioned 16 cm cone speaker and 2.5 cm tweeter. This speaker provides high-quality sound broadcasts with excellent clarity, not only indoors, but also in semi-outdoor facilities such as multistory parking structures, and even in outdoor applications such as sports grounds and parks.

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TOAlert Emergency Communication System

Easily Manage and control daily events and emergency notifications. One system to manage your critical communication. TOAlert, from TOA Canada, is an advanced, powerful communication system that delivers better communication and productivity through daily messaging, emergency alerts, and synchronized clocks.

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Door Station Outdoor Protection

The YC-832HWS is a surface mount backbox for the N-SP80AS1/VS1 intercom door stations.
It is equipped with two heaters for installations in cold environments (up to -45 °C).
The YC-811-AM is a rain shield for the door stations N-SP80AS1 and N-SP80VS1.

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N-SP80SB is a SIP-compliant hands-free Voice over IP (VoIP) PCB board that offers flexible audio communications using standard SIP protocol for parking facilities, college campuses, medical centres, and industrial parks. It can integrate with external SIP compatible systems through a SIP server. It is compatible with major audio codecs high-quality audio and contains a built-in AEC (Acoustic Echo Canceller) Full-duplex.

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