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Maison de culte

Audio is an essential element in any religious service and ensuring that the message is understood in a clear and intelligible voice is what is expected in all houses of worship. By creating a full solution that provides the participants the opportunity to deliver a sermon or perform a musical number, the members of the congregation deserve a pleasant and clear sound.

Choose an equipment offering with flexibility and variety to meet the needs of the house of worship. The size of the structure, along with the ceiling height and number of rooms, alter the audio design required. Work with the TOA team to guarantee solid sound distribution and quality equipment.


No matter the size, TOA delivers high-quality sound that is both powerful and intelligible. Users can create sound environments that match a particular purpose. TOA’s unique digital processing technology can work to minimize reverberation during speeches or make full use of it during musical performances. Easily adjustable acoustic settings provide the flexibility to match various usage applications.

Standard Speech Applications

Advanced Speech Applications

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