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Processeurs audio-numériques

Faites que la musique sonne dramatique et la voix claire.

Les processeurs de signal audio sont essentiels pour les projets professionnels d'ingénierie du son. Ils sont également extrêmement importants pour les applications de communication publique où les messages doivent être clairement entendus dans des environnements acoustiquement difficiles avec des modes de salle uniques ou des bruits ambiants fluctuants.


DP-L2 Ambient Noise Controller
Automatic and Accurate Input and Output Sound Level Adjustment

The DP-L2 is a digital audio processor with an ambient noise control (ANC) function that makes automatic changes in its output sound levels depending on the amount of surrounding noise, and an automatic level control (ALC) function that automatically adjusts the input signal level so it is appropriate at all times. BGM and announcements remain audible and understandable at all times, with no annoying loudness for customers and employees.

DP-SP3 Digital Signal Processor
Creating richer, more vibrant sound environments by maximizing the performance of each speaker in the system.

The DP-SP3 is a 1U rack mountable Digital speaker processor having 2 inputs and 6 outputs. It features digital signal processing functions such as Equalizer, Crossover, Matrix, Compressor, and Delay. Other functions include input PAD, analog output attenuator, output MUTE, EQ characteristic library for TOA speakers, and contact input terminals. When connected to a LAN, settings and operations of the DP-SP3 can be performed on a PC with the supplied DP-SP3 PC Software installed. It can be mounted in an EIA component rack (1U size).