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Évacuation vocale

Primarily, a voice evacuation system, also known as a voice alarm system, is intricately crafted to prioritize the well-being of employees and the public at large. In times of crucial circumstances such as fires, bomb threats, or other emergencies, this system aids in the smooth and organized evacuation of specific zones or entire structures. Nevertheless, voice alarm systems provide additional benefits beyond just being prepared for emergencies.


Crafted for optimal adaptability, these efficient systems feature a customizable design to accommodate a range of uses. These sturdy systems deliver both audible/visual alerts and concise voice notifications to guide individuals to safety and convey essential details in times of emergency.



Extensive studies have demonstrated that the effectiveness of communication during emergencies is greatly enhanced by clear and understandable messages. This is particularly evident in the remarkable capabilities of voice alarm systems. Unlike conventional bells and sounders that merely serve as warning signals, voice alarm systems offer pre-recorded messages that furnish accurate instructions and crucial information. As a result, even individuals without training and the public can evacuate swiftly and efficiently.




Did you know? TOA Corporation developed the world’s first Voice Evacuation System complying with both American and Canadian standards UL 2572* and CAN/ULC-S576 ** listings.

**CAN/ULC-S576 …Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. Standard for Mass Notification System Equipment and Accessories
*UL 2572...The American National Standard Institute and Underwriters Laboratories (ANSI/UL) 2572 standard for Mass Notification Systems

VX-3000 VM-3000


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