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Entreprises et commerces

Corporate and commercial venues require intelligible audio communication systems to provide visitors and staff a reliable means of hearing messages and other sound sources.

On the corporate side, an interference free, and easy-to-use conference systems for boardrooms and meetings rooms is vital. TOA’s has manufactured high quality system for decades utilizing the infrared signal which delivers the security business require. Moreover, implementation of a larger audio system to cover other areas of the buildings is offered through the large variety of sound equipment to include paging, mass notifications and voice evacuation in case of emergency.


Commercial facilities such as manufacturing, warehouses and big box stores represent a challenge to ensure the vast square footage is covered. When it comes to multi-zone paging and background music, a sound system is essential in creating ambiance, for customer while providing he ability to reach staff through announcements. 



Boardrooms, Meeting and Training Rooms

TOA provides conferencing equipment that is ideal for boardrooms with capabilities to offer bilingual conferencing, meeting recording and connect PTZ cameras for visual presentation from each speaker. Many government offices rely on our conferencing systems for town hall meetings. 

Background music and voice lift are also ideal in a meeting/training room environment to ensure that the presenter and participants can be heard, or so that you can add sound to your presentation or event. 


Paging and Background Music

A sound system that provides background music offers a relaxed environment putting customers and employees at ease. Yet there is more to sound systems than music. They also play a role in broadcasting information, fulfilling the need to reliably convey up-to-date and useful information to your customers and staff. You can also use a sound system to provide advertising or emergency messages that have pre-recorded content relayed at appropriate timing.


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