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Paging systems find extensive application in medical offices, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and manufacturing facilities. This communication technology enables swift notification of an entire team or individual employees. Our support team specializes in providing optimal hardware solutions tailored to your business needs, offering a range of loudspeakers, horns, and amplifiers.


By integrating a paging system or enhancing it with a TOA design solution, you are able to:


1. Improve safety measures - Conduct comprehensive safety notifications or evacuations on a large scale, ensuring effective communication with all members of your organization regardless of their location.

2 .Strengthen security measures - Thoroughly monitor visitors and regulate the flow of traffic entering and exiting your organization to enhance overall security.

3. Bridge the gap with isolated employees - Establish seamless communication with employees stationed in factories or manufacturing warehouses by utilizing paging systems, thereby reducing response time and improving overall efficiency.



Overhead paging plays a crucial role for businesses across Canada, providing administrators with the ability to instantly relay messages to staff and visitors at the touch of a button. Whether you are in need of straightforward paging systems for a single location or zoned paging for a sprawling hospital or education campus, TOA is ready to provide support.


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