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Sécurité et interphone

A durable and versatile intercom system is an essential component of a reliable security system. Implementing an integrated audio communication system that achieves fast, accurate communications with optimal security and reliability is the results business expects.

To enhance communication within a building or between different buildings, a commercial intercom system is the perfect choice. It ensures quick and efficient communication among employees and guests. This becomes particularly advantageous during emergencies where the building could need to be locked down.


TOA extends a variety of equipment and features to businesses, ensuring seamless integration with third party systems for a comprehensive security solution. It allows for remote control of external systems through contact output, enabling the execution of lock functions or the creation of audio triggers based on pre-programmed conditions.



Including an IP or SIP intercom system in the overall security strategy is crucial. With TOA's innovative equipment and solutions, our team designs comprehensive building solutions that integrates paging, background music, and a variety of professional master and door stations. This ensures that organizations have the security measures needed to create a safe environment.


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