TOA Canada - When to update Firmware & Software
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28-May-2012 5:00pm

When to update Firmware & Software

From time to time, TOA will release firmware and software updates for our products. These updates may or may not be required depending on the situation.

Firmware updates fall into several categories;

  • Resolving errors in code,
  • Updating improves product reliability,
  • A new software version requires a change in firmware,
  • Addition of new accessory products.


New uninstalled product
For this situation, always proceed to check the firmware and software version currently installed on the device.

Check our web site, link, to view the latest versions of firmware and software.

If there is a new firmware or software, you should always update.

Installed Product

  • I like the old saying.. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" Well most of the time anyways. This situation is always a bit risky and a decision will have to be made as to the logic of servicing a working system. Even if there are code errors identified and fixed in a newer version, these errors may not be related the functions that are currently being used and as such do not affect the operation of the system.There is no urgent need to update.
  • If there is a fix that improves long term reliability then it would be advisable to update.
  • A software change that requires a firmware update may also be differed on a system that is running well. However if the software change is related to new products and these are being added to the system, it would be necessary to change both.
  • Should it be necessary to add in new features or accessory products that require the changes, then it will be necessary to update the firmware and software.


How do I know what has changed?
Before performing any update, always back up the setting files and save to a known location on your computer.

Each firmware and software update comes with a text read me file. These files will show what has changed.

Also please contact the TOA Canada Technical Team to discuss the need to update an existing system or how to proceed to perform the updates.

Questions? Contact TOA’s Technical Support Department:
1-800-263-7639 or 905-564-3570 option 2 or ext. 320
(Available Monday to Friday, 8:30am until 8pm EST)

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