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Halls & Theatres

Attending a theatrical performance in a large theatre is an exciting time for people who are expecting a wonderful time. The facility’s task is to provide an environment for the guests to enjoy and actors to perform at their very best without difficulties. Ensuring the theatre or hall has a high-performance audio system is vital to deliver an electric atmosphere and enhancing the event. The design of the sound system is the first step in creating intelligible sound throughout the building with proper speaker placement and powered by amplifiers and mixers.


The audio system is a front-facing solution that is heard and seen, unlike a mass notification system, which performs in the background ready to be used in case of emergency or vital announcements. TOA has long been a leader in equipment and system design focused on the safety of communities and industries. Ask us about TOA’s paging and mass notification solutions for live performances such as concerts, theatrical plays, and weddings.


Pro Audio Sound

TOA’s large product offering delivers a versatile solution to suit the diverse facilities in which live events take place. From the powerful line array speakers to our reliable amplifier series’, the options for a solid audio system are abundant. From large theatres to small banquet halls our team provides the design and equipment to ensure quality sound. While the performance takes center stage with outstanding audio clarity, the other facility areas will require a reliable communication vehicle for the audio to reach all corners and crevasses. 


Paging & Emergency Announcements

With the performance audio taken care of, venues need to consider the role those same speakers play in broadcasting important messages.  Audio system also play a critical role in distributing information from event details to emergency directions. Luckily, with the correct equipment and proper design, facilities can easily create a audio system to work together and deliver on all aspects from entertaining their guests and maintaining an emergency plan at the ready when needed. 




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