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Product Returns & Repair Assessment Form

Follow these steps for our team to assess your equipment issue or return.

*This is an information gathering form only. This form does not authorize the repair of any product or the return of any product back to TOA Canada Corporation. 

If a piece of equipment is not working properly, please download and fill out the Assessment Form.

For product returns, please ensure you provide the re-order purchase order at the same time as the Assessment Form to [email protected]. Any incomplete fields will result in processing delays. 

Provide TOA Canada with as many details as possible and submit it by email. Our team will contact you to discuss your concerns and come to a conclusion on what options are available to you and what steps to take next.

See condensed instructions below.

1. Download Zipped PDF file    
2. Unzip file and save PDF
3. Open PDF in Acrobat and fill out details
4. Save file and email to [email protected] 

PDF Download


If this is for DEMO EVALUATION, please ensure all products are returned within the allotted evaluation period or a maximum of 30  days, otherwise product will be invoiced.

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