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IP Paging

From schools to medical offices, car dealerships, and manufacturers, any organization looking to efficiently alert their team can benefit from the advanced features of IP paging systems. These systems provide quick and effective communication for both large and small groups.


The IP-A1 Series platform from TOA Canada presents adaptable and budget-friendly paging solutions that are suitable for diverse industry uses. Delve into the selection of options TOA provides for government, hospitals, office complexes, factories, and other settings.


By utilizing network-based IP paging systems, you can experience a swifter and more versatile installation process in comparison to traditional wired, analog systems. Furthermore, the need for separate voice and data networks is eliminated. IP Paging transcends the basic function of providing voice communication to specific groups.


Select our renowned design team to develop a customized system that suits your needs perfectly. Whether it's for indoor or outdoor applications, our offerings encompass IP loudspeakers, IP horns, IP interface units and gateway, along with digital communication displays for a thorough notification network.


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