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Do not shout. Let the megaphone do its job to make your voice loud and clear.

An electric megaphone is the least you can use for a public address system, enabling you to lift your voice up instantly. TOA's megaphones go beyond voice amplification, they also playback bulit-in tones, sirens and whistles. Our megaphones are ready in your hand or mounted on a stand.


Hand-Grip Megaphones
Award-winning Hand-Grip Megaphones

TOA offers an extensive range of portable power megaphones that provide optimal reinforcement for various applications in different environments such as schools, governmentt organization facilities, factories and man others.

Hands-Free Megaphones (Shoulder Type)
Ideal for any reinforcement requirements.

Featuring compact and stylish designs with powerful outputs, TOA megaphone include splash-resistant types as well as high-performance shoulder types that provide a separate auxiliary input and even wireless microphone capability. Other features such as siren and whistle are available on some models.

Hands-Free Megaphones (Waist Type)
Free your hands, let the waist hold, be active as desired.

ER-1000 or ER-1000A Series is a wearable, easy-to-operate personal PA system that delivers powerful and clear sound from its lightweight body attached to a waistband. A slightly curved design of the main unit fits perfectly on your waist and is barely affected by your motion. This product is suited in various situations such as guided tours, sport classes, directing traffic and other security-and-safety-related applications, as well as attracting prospective customers at shows and storefronts.