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Conference Systems

Simplifying meetings and conferences is a top priority. TOA offers audio conferencing solutions that are fast, convenient, and affordable, allowing you to host local meetings in boardrooms and conference rooms with your team, colleagues, and clients. Our speakers, powered by robust amplifiers, deliver high-quality sound, ensuring that everyone's voice is clearly heard during meetings. And if you're in need of a modern and stylish conference system, our TS system is designed to meet your needs.


Professional, practical, and pyramid-inspired, the TS conference system utilizes infrared communication coupled with clear sound amplification. This wireless conference system provides flexible adaptation to diverse styles of conference. The shape of the unit for a conference hall is straightforward in its design; the rear view suppresses an obscured view. The voice is as if the speaker was facing you. The unit’s design relieves the impression of “talking through equipment” and fosters a more direct feeling of speech.


Explore our TS-920 and TS-820 conference systems, both designed with specific features to cater to your preferences. Thanks to their flexible configuration, these units can be effortlessly installed in various room shapes, and have your team ready to go in no time.





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