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Audio Source / Program Timers

Let the audio player do the work, repeat messages. Let the timer take control as programmed.

Simple project to ring a bell when the door is opened? It's a good fit for our compact player of 4 audio file storage. Train station project to deliver hundreds of different messages? It may be better to be handled by our higher-scale digital announcer of over 32,000 phrase capacity. It is your choice what to use, but we have.


EV-20R Sound Repeater
Let it record and repeat high-quality audio files as you programmed or being triggered.

EV-20R Sound Repeater is a compact audio file management device, which allows uploading and playing back audio files to repeat voice messages and/ or signal tones. Recorded messages can be triggered by dry contacts or automatically repeated as programmed.

EV-700 Digital Announcer
Optimize your PA system with versatile control functions and high-quality digital sound

The EV-700 permits easy manual distribution or automatic activation by external device of timed and repeat announcements, background music and other audio programs with excellent sound quality. Creation and editing of various sound source files and programs, updating of settings and activation of announcements can be handled easily by direct input or managed remotely via a network.