TOA Canada - TOA's SIP Intercom integrates with Genetec Sipelia
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Integration between TOA’s SIP Intercom and Genetec Sipelia Security Center.


Mississauga, ON, Canada, August 2020 – TOA Canada, a commercial audio and security equipment manufacturer, consistently endeavors to make connections with key security market leaders and develop equipment integration through collaboration. TOA has Genetec Sipeliaachieved this with Genetec’s Security Management System, Sipelia.


With the release of our SIP intercom system, the N-SP80, we quickly recognized that a prerequisite for the success of this system was the ability to assimilate with Genetec’s flagship unified security platform. The three devices, the master station, video and audio door stations, are Sipelia™ supported VoIP hardware and permits the communications between the devices and the security center software. TOA’s N-8000SG SIP Gateway software, which allows IP intercoms systems to communicate with SIP systems, is also compatible with Genetec’s™ Security system.


“The ability to use TOA’s N-SP80 SIP intercom system with Genetec™ Sipelia™ will put the customer’s mind at ease,” said product development engineer Ibrahim Chehade. As TOA continues to develop more SIP enable products, like our upcoming IP-A1SC15 Horn Speaker, it will be imperative that TOA work closely with our partners to grow the lineup of equipment that assimilates with communication management systems.   


Current TOA equipment supported by Sipelia™

N-8000SG – System SIP Gateway for IP Intercom

N-SP80AS1 – SIP Audio Door Station

N-SP80VS1 – SIP Video Door Station

N-SP80MS1 – SIP Master Station

IP-A1SC15 – IP Horn Speaker