TOA Canada - WTU-M9800: A wireless microphone tuner for the back of your amplifier.
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WTU-M9800: Wireless Microhpone Tuner

Mississauga, ON, Canada, January 2020 – TOA Canada Corporation, a commercial audio and security equipment manufacturer, continues to innovate and enhance their products with the introduction of their 5000 series wireless tuner module, the WTU-M9800. WTU9800Always thinking of how to improve customer experience, TOA’s new module offers cost-effective wireless capabilities and reduces rack and shelf space at the same time.


The wireless tuner harmoniously installs into the back a TOA equipment. The module agrees with
the 9000M2 modular digital matrix mixer/amplifier series and the 900 series mixer power amplifier.
Furthermore, the A-700 series mixer power amplifier and BG mixer/amplifier series also accept it.


The WTU-M9800, which works within the M band frequency of 506 –538MHz, delivers the resources to function in a couple of different scenarios. Use it as a single tuner with a 9000 series amplifier to complete a single tuner microphone set. Moreover, create several microphone sets by adding multiple modules to the back of your amplifier. To reduce the amount of wires needed, the first two modules operate without an external power supply. In a larger setting that requires external antenna connections, the WTU-M9800 performs in conjunction with TOA’s WD-5800 wireless antenna distribution box and YW-4500Q remote antenna to accomplish a full solution.


In the real world, audio equipment is always fighting for rack space and customer need to choose their systems based on reliability, functionality along with size. The WTU-M9800 lessons that burden
by removing the need for a wireless tuner box while maintaining the microphone’s operation.
The combination of TOA mixers and amplifiers with the new module will offer a new option
in situation where cost and space are a factor.