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  UC-4SC615 Network Horn Speaker
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    IP and SIP connectivity for public address announcement applications    

UC-SC615 Network Horn Speaker, both
Onvif and SIP supported and easy integration with VMS

  TOA’s UC-4SC615 Network Horn speaker provides intelligible speech over long
remote communications. The UC-4SC615 permits an operator to address and
deter people 
from the comfort of the control room.
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     IR-800Plus Classroom Voice Lift System    
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    IR-800 & IR-800Plus Infrared Classroom Wireless System    
  Quick and Easy Installation with Uniform sound quality throughout classroom.
Now with many configurations options for different room sizes.
  Enrich Your Students’ Learning. Experience Remarkably Clear, Intelligible Classroom Communication.    
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  FB-3862CU Ceiling Subwoofer    
  FB-3628 no grill    

High-performance flush-mount ceiling subwoofer assembly for
low frequency enhancement of distributed loudspeaker systems.

  TOA’s FB-3862CU Ceiling Subwoofer rounds out TOA's F-serires premier speakers
line to offer a full spectrum sonic experience.
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