TOA Canada - Speakers modification for network adaptation
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Convert speakers to flexible SIP audio communication devices


Mississauga, ON, Canada, May 2021 – TOA Canada recognizes the requirements of commercial and governmental facilities to maintain a flexible audio system even after installation. With that in mind, TOA Canada has developed the N-SP80SB, a SIP compliant hands-free Voice over IP (VoIP) PCB board. The primary feature being the capability to transform already mounted or to be installed analog speakers into network compatible devices.SIP board


“Everyone wants their building to have an integrated communications structure” states TOA Canada’s Product Development Manager, Ibrahim Chehade, ”but what if the speakers are analog and now need to integrate with the updated network system?, that is where our SIP board can help”.
Utilizing standard SIP protocols, the board can integrate with external SIP compatible systems through a SIP server and Peer-to-Peer configuration when a server is not present. Achieve installation by mounting the SIP board behind the speaker and with that, the device morphs into a key cog of any network audio system assembly.


While designing the SIP board, TOA Canada considered various real world applications to ensure the product contained the specifications that would be essential to be successful. “Truthfully, the
N-SP80SB SIP Board can be used universally across all markets, network systems is where the world is heading”, articulated Rico Lucia, Director of TOA Canada. By providing a “fix” to alter the analog communication equipment, end users will be able to enhance aspects of their network, keep their current speakers and save on the cost of replacing the entire sound system.


TOA Canada’s SIP board is compatible with major audio codecs, has a built in Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC) and transmits high-quality audio. Delivering clear and intelligible sound after the conversion was an important element to keep, after all that is what TOA is known for. The full duplex offered expands the possibilities of the facilities communications system by providing bi-directional transmission. The two control relays outputs on the board are an added bonus that will permit current to flow through and open or close switches. The SIP board will be a tremendous addition to completing sound solutions when network integration is involved.