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Webinar Training

Choose the category, select the video, and we'll take you to our knowledge base on our YouTube channel. To understand a product comprehensively, one should take in as much information as is available. That means reading operation and installation manuals as well as memorizing the equipment specifications. With the progression to more video training, TOA Canada has compiled a large volume of product videos to enhance the knowledge of customers and integrators.

The webinars are presented by a talented and knowledgeable group of TOA Canada employees who diligently developed the training to ensure that viewers gain a good understanding of the product or applications involved after the session.


Latest TOA Canada Webinar

Unveiling the new IR-842 Portable Speaker Voicelift System

Watch the newest webinar here.



Amplifier / Mixer / DSP

A-800 Digital Mixer Amplifier
Features & Benefits, Applications & Connection Overview

BG Amplifier Series
Difference Overview & Application Solutions

DA-150EH Amplifier & MW-41BT Audio Interface
Two quality products to review

MA-725 Matrix Amplifier
Overview of the powerful MA-725F &MM-700F

A-5000 Series
Digital Matrix Mixer Overview

9000M2 Series Matrix Mixer/Amplifier
Utilizing the M-633 & Automatic Resonance Control

9000M2 Overview and Installations Scenarios
What it can do for a sound solution

D-2000 Digital Mixing Series
Create a phone station within the amplifier

SIP Module SP-11N
Create a phone station within the amplifier

VoIP Module Integration
SP-11N module & New Interface Chassis

Digital Signal Processing
Introduction to DSP & its importance

Ambient Noise Control (ANC)
Learn to control volume automatically

M-633D Digital Stereo Mixer
Utilizing the M-633 & Automatic Resonance Control

M-633D Automatic Resonance Control
Introduction to DSP & its importance

M-864D Digital Stereo Mixer
What it can do for a sound solution

M-864D Digital Stereo Mixer
Improving sound Intelligibility


Application Performance

IP-A1 Series
Network PA System - Overview

Designing Intelligible Communication
Paging Systems & Emergency Communications

House of Worship Webinar
Design a System Unique to the Structure

Sports Facilities - Sound & Equipment
Create an Atmosphere for the Audience

Sound System Fundamentals
What you need to know about sound

Commercial Audio in the Hospitality
Intelligible Communications & Audio

Background Music Design
Right Placement, Great Sound

Transportation & Sound
TOA Equipment & Intelligible Sound

Sports Complexes Design
The Equipment & Features to Focus on

Audio in Houses of Worship
Solutions for all Shapes & Sizes

TOA Equipment in Educational Facilities
School Boards choose TOA solutions for safety & elevated learning

Designing Systems for Retail
Give Customers a Better Ambience


Conference Systems

TS-820/920 Infrared Conference System
Sleek, Modern Pyramid Design

TS-800/910 Conference System
Reliable & Functional System

Conference Systems
Systems that Work


General Sound

Wiring an Audio System
8ohm and 70V

Principals of Electroacoustic
Sound & Loudspeakers

70V High & Low Impedance Signals
Technical Summary

70 Volt Basics
Project Connection & the Right Impedance

Controlling Reverberation
Clear Sound for Large Facilities

70 V vs 8 ohm
Which Should You Use?

Commercial Sound Design
Getting your business quality audio

SIP Protocol
Understanding the requirements you need to know

Recent Product Releases
What's New at TOA

Digital Sound Processing 101
Why DSP is Required



N-XC65 Audio Window Intercom
Features & Benefits with Live Demo

N-SP80 SIP Intercom System
Overview of Features & Phone Application

IP Intercom Equipment
What's New with the N-8000 Series

Working with Intercom Systems
Solutions for Various Applications

N-8000 IP Intercom
Equipment Overview

N-8000 Series in the Education Market
Creating Full Facility Connectivity

Intercom Systems for Parking Garages
Ensure Secure Communication

N-8000 Maintenance Software
Keeping the N-8000 Running


Line Array Speakers

HX-7 Variable Dispersion Speaker
Bigger, Better & Clearer

Line Array Speakers
Overview of TOA's Line ARray Lineup

HX-7 vs HX-5
Both great. What's the Difference?

Working with Intercom Systems
Solutions for Various Applications

SR-T5 Line Array Speaker
Medium-Scale Indoor Sports Facilities.


Mass Notification Systems

TOAlert Visual Network Communications
Routine or Instant Messages & Emergency Alerts

Emergency System Fundamentals
Design a Solution, Keep Your Building Safe

Designing Intelligible Emergency Communications
We Know Audio & Paging

Paging Basics
Understanding the Different Options

VM-3000 the ULC-S576 Standard
VM-3000, the Workhorse

MNS & Evacuation Systems
Facility Safety Solutions

Mass Notification Systems
As it Applies to Canada

VX-3000 Series Mass Notification Systems
Launches on the Canadian Market

VX-3000 Series Mass Notification Systems PT 2
Launches on the Canadian Market

Wireless Microphones

S2.4 Digital Wireless Microphone
2.4GHZ frequency 16 channel

IR 800Plus System
Classroom Voicelift System

Wireless Microphones
Trusted & Reliable Microphones

AM-1 Microphone System
Talk & Walk, your voice is tracked

Basics of Microphones
Microphones & How they Work

UHF Wireless Product Line
TOA's 5000 Series

IR-800 Infrared Wireless Classroom System
Enhance Student Learning