TOA Canada - VM-3000 Provides Critical Features for Mass Notification
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Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification

VM-2000 Provides Critical Features for Mass Notification

Voice Evacuation & MNS

Mass Notification Systems require critical features such as amplifier redundancy and monitoring, speaker line supervision and digital messaging as essential functions.

VM-2000 System Management Amplifier The VM-2000 provides features and functions that ensure your communication solution is providing the necessary operation during critical times.

Each VM-2240 (240 watts, 70V) can support five notification zones from a single internal power amplifier. This amplifier is monitored for correct operation and should it fail, an external amplifier can be switched in.

To access each zone, the RM-200M microphone station is used. Each station has capabilities to engage 5-10 zones of paging or paging with digital messaging (EV-200). Preannounce tones can also be generated for each page.

Additional Inputs are also available for three standard paging microphones, a BGM (background music) source and a feed from a phone system. All inputs can be assigned priorities to ensure the correct message is delivered from the appropriate microphone station.

To ensure the paging zones are functional, each speaker zone can be monitored for changes in speaker line impedance, ground faults, shorts and open circuits by installing the SV-200 surveillance card.

Additional functions of the SV-200 allows for indication of these faults plus internal amplifier failure. A global fault condition is indicated on the VM-2000 amplifier and the RM-200M microphone station for all faults.

Need more than five paging zones? Up to 45 zones in groups of five can be added by connecting additional VM-2000 amplifiers in slave configuration. As more zones are added, RM-210 extension stations are added to the RM-200's.

For digital pre-recorded messages that can be activated from the RM-200M microphone station, install the EV-200 flash card player. The EV-200 can deliver up to eight client pre-recorded messages for staged notification of critical announcements.

Additional control to start and stop an Emergency Alert and Emergency Evacuation by contact closure is also possible by connecting the activation control directly to the control port of the VM-2000.

Additional monitoring of various other functions is also possible such as communication errors, EV-200 malfunction, power on, AC or DC power activation.

Having these essential monitoring capabilities of key functions and the flexibility afforded by the VM-3000 system, is critical for Mass Communication Systems.

Over the next few months, TOA will discuss how many of our reliable products fit into Mass Notification/Wide Area Communications. We will be focusing on the; N-8000: IP Intercom, NX-300: Audio Network Adapter, VM-2000: System Management Amplifier, VM-3000: Integrated Voice Evacuation System (coming soon), A-9000M2: Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifiers, DA Series: Multi-Channel Amplifiers, F-Series Ceiling Speakers, SC Series Paging Horns, Megaphones and Digital Messaging products.

Next time TOA will discuss our A-9000M2: Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifiers and DA Series: Multi-Channel Amplifiers product lines and the role these products plays in Wide Area Communication.

Please note that every application is unique. Our system examples are for reference purposes only. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss your specific application requirements or 1-800-263-7639.

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