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Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification

Mass Notification Standards Coming to Canada Soon

Voice Evacuation & MNS

In 2010, the United States updated existing NFPA-72 codes to include mass communication requirements. The code was updated to address the need to respond to more than just fire related emergencies. The new codes address specific needs of the control apparatus, communication protocols, methods of data exchange and accessories.

The current US standard, UL-2572, will be adopted in Canada in the near future, Look for this in the next Building Code release in 2023. 

The following link to the InfoComm White Paper, attempts to clarify the 2010 edition of NFPA and its implications for the AV Industry.

. Stay tuned for our next Mass Notification and Voice Evacuation Article.

Contents include;

  • A brief history of the NFPA coding
  • What is contained in 2010 NFPA-72
  • How will this affect the Pro AV industry
  • Pro AV Standards and NFPA-72

InfoComm Whitepaper: The 2010 Edition of NFPA 72 and Its Implications for the AV Industry

Please note that every application is unique. Our system examples are for reference purposes only. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss your specific application requirements or 1-800-263-7639.

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