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Pepsi Bottling Plant, Moncton, NB

Corporate and Commercial

While the parent company itself is most likely not one that requires much introduction, the Pepsi Bottling Plant in Southeast New Brunswick is notable for many North American Pepsi product consumers, whether they know it or not. The original plant was constructed in the late 60’s, but has been undergoing quite the renovation in recent years, allowing them to greatly expand the variety of products produced locally. The plant now produces a variety of newer and pre-existing Pepsi products, not only being distributed in Atlantic Canada but across the country as well.


Being such a pivotal supplier of Pepsi products for Atlantic Canada and further nationally, management desired a new and upgraded mass communication/notification system as part of their ongoing growth and renovations. The primary desire of this new system is that it would be powerful enough to deliver clear messages across the plant, overtop the loud ambient noise produced by all the machinery found throughout.


As mentioned above, the existence of loud ambient noise was a major consideration for this project, as it posed both design challenges and restrictions in which TOA components would be an optimal fit for the space and function. The system would need to be able to project clear and intelligible sound at proper paging levels whilst not being washed over by the machinery in the facility.


The TOA sales and design teams worked with integration teams as well as figureheads at the plant in order to craft a solution that checked off all the boxes and more. Our powerful DA amps are able to tackle the power requirements of completing with such loud equipment, paired with ambient noise controls to ensure that in times of machine stoppages or less ambient noise communications wouldn’t be louder than needed. All of which is routed through our 9000M2 mixer, whose ease of use afforded this project a quick configuration and turnaround.


When presented with this TOA sound solution, the Pepsi team over at the Moncton plant were grateful for the elevated paging/communications deliverance they now have at their disposal. This new system elevates plant efficiency throughout, and with TOA’s built-to-last mindset, the team rests assured that this new system will be delivering clear and crisp communications for many years to come.

About TOA Canada

TOA Corporation was founded in Kobe, Japan over 80 years ago. TOA operates in over 100 countries worldwide, with manufacturing facilities found in nearly every major market area. These facilities have a reputation for precision design and fabrication, resulting in a proven track record of TOA product reliability.  

TOA Canada Corporation was formed in 1990 as a complete sound solutions provider, specializing in commercial audio, including, public address, voice communications, voice evacuation and emergency paging requirements. TOA Canada offers complete solutions for all corporate and commercial audio communications and intercom security requirements.


DA Series Multi-Channel Power Amplifiers
DA Series Multi-Channel Power Amplifiers
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9000M2 Series Modules
9000M2 Series Modules
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