TOA Canada - N-8000 IP Intercom Software & Firmware updates
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November 25, 2014

N-8000 Software

Please note that the software and firmware of N-8000 IP Intercom System have been updated to achieve the following new or expanded features.

Access Code Authentication

Usage of the master station can be restricted when the access code authentication is enabled. Entering a preprogrammed 4-digit access code number before each function key number permits the master station to be used as usual. Incorrect access code number entry will cause an access error.

Applicable stations:

  • Master Stations connected to N-8000EX
  • Master Stations connected to N-8010EX
  • Master Stations connected to N-8400RS
  • N-8600MS
  • N-8000AL

Call Button Restriction

Pressing the Call button 3 times within 3 seconds performs calling operation. This function will prevent calls by accidental depression of the button.

Applicable stations:

  • Door Stations connected to N-8000EX
  • Door Stations connected to N-8010EX
  • Door Stations connected to N-8000RS
  • Door Stations connected to N-8010RS
  • Door Stations connected to N-8400RS
  • N-8640DS
  • N-8650DS

NTP Client Function

Synchronizes the clock of the N-8000AF with NTP Server once a day when the NTP Client function of the N-8000AF set as a clock master is enabled. This function cannot be used simultaneously with the Time Sync function using contact input.

Muting Message Paging (N-8510MS only)

The N-8510MS activating Message paging can be set not to output Message paging from its built-in speaker. Other operations such as status indicator lighting, repetition of paging, and contact-related controls except Message paging output are the same as those when mute is not activated. Audio signals are output as normal at the paging receiving stations. When the operation other than Message paging activation is performed, sound source (like a call tone) corresponding to the operation is output.

This function allows the user to operate the emergency message paging to other stations without having a person(s) near by the station.

Improvement of Audio Trigger Function

The algorithm of audio detection is upgraded to detect characteristic frequencies which are included in vowel of human's voices. This allows more accurate detection of human voices.

Additionally, the IP Door Stations are now capable of the audio trigger function.

Applicable stations:

  • Door Stations connected to N-8000EX
  • N-8640DS
  • N-8650DS

Line Status Indication

N-8400RS is now capable of line status indication.

Recording Software

More stations and interface units are capable of recording function.

Newly added stations and interface units:

  • N-8000AL/N-8000CO
  • N-8640DS/N-8650DS/N-8610RM

Additional Functions on N-8000AF

The following functions can be performed by N-8000AF.

  • Line status diagnosis/Network status diagnosis
  • Door remote
  • External equipment control
  • Calling station indication/CCTV interlock



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