SP-420 Speaker Mounting Bracket


The SP-420 is a bracket designed to exclusively mount the BS-1030W Universal Speaker in a wall or ceiling. The bracket can be easily mounted to the surface made of the plaster board or plywood. Make a 175×260 mm hole (tolerance: ±3 mm) in the wall or ceiling before mounting.


Applicable Board Thickness 5 - 24 mm
Finish Base bracket: Surface treated steel plate, 2.0 mm in thickness,
white, paint
Shaft: Nickel-plated rolled steel plate, 0.5 mm in thickness
Mounting clip: Nickel-plated rolled steel plate, 2.0 mm in thickness
Accessory Mounting clip screw……2, Plain washer for mounting clip……2,
Speaker fixing screw……2, Speaker fixing plain washer……2,
Base frame fixing butterfly bolt……6 (installed in the base frame)