TOA Canada - TOA Partners with PTZOptics
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TOA partners with PTZOptics to enhance the TS-820/920 conference system


Mississauga, ON, Canada, May 2021 – The successful release of the new generation infrared
TS Conference system validated what was expected, people really like it. Today, TOA Canada is announcing the confirmed compatibility of two cameras from PTZOptics with the TS-820/920 system. Participants will now be able to see a visual of the person who is speaking.  


Diligently collaborating with the PTZOptics engineers, TOA gradually narrowed their selection to two cameras that integrated seamlessly with our TS conference system. “We chose the PT12X-USB-G2 and PT20X-USB-G2 models after an extensive analysis and completion of testing,” affirmed TOA Canada Director Rico Lucia. “This third party accessory will permit camera control through the TS conference software and enhance the overall performance of our solution.” The highly effective integration of broadcast quality video and intelligible sound will provide a more personal touch during conversations.


The TS Conference system supports camera control via ONVIF protocol including the two PTZOptics cameras chosen. Every seat location in the conference room or council chamber is programmed with the conference systems software through a PC. Adding and configuring a camera is simple while modifying the settings via the software’s intuitive GUI is straightforward. When in operation, the PTZOptics camera will smoothly rotate to the preset positions of individuals when they speak. This news will provide another layer of conference system sophistication expected by the end user.