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Mississauga, ON, August 1, 2023 – TOA Canada, a manufacturer of first-rate commercial audio and security equipment, is happy to retain the services of Ken Tang as our new Product Support Manager.  Ken will focus on streamlining the technical support process to advance the Ken
operational effectiveness of our team and ensure our service and support remain an industry leader.

Ken started his career, after graduation, as a technician installing everything from speakers to amplifiers to Creston/AMX systems. He quickly became the authority within his team for installation, commissioning, training and selling. As his knowledge grew so did his responsibility and with that came a new promotion to sales engineer. After a couple of years, he was again promoted to sales manager where he managed a group accountable for commercial, residential and educational sectors in audio visual and control system.

Later, Ken took a leap and opened his own A/V business and worked mainly as a project manager responsible for the technical development of equipment for AI systems and the integration with audio visual and control systems. He also focused on energy saving system for commercial use, such as developing an intelligence lighting system, and self-sustaining power generators.

It became apparent that Ken was the ideal candidate for this position with his experience in various aspects within the A/V industry and his passion for technology. Ken received a degree in environmental engineering and is a skilled programmer. When away from work he enjoys swinging the clubs during a round of golf and playing his guitar.

Welcome aboard.