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Attenuators and Wall Plates

• AT-025, AT-100, AT-100EMG, AT-10K Volume Control Attenuator  

• AT-063AP Attenuator  

• AT-303AP Attenuator  

• AT-603AP Attenuator  

• SO-MIX-T-24V Remote Mixer 

• YM-1J MIC Connector

• YM-3CF MIC Connector 

• YP-1AF Wall Plate 


Ceiling Speakers

• PA Speakers 
• PC-580RU/PC-580RVU  
• PC-580S 

Back Box Specification Sheets: 
• HY-BC580U   BB-580      Q-BB-580S    Q-BB-580W     Q-HY-TB2 

• SPV Speaker 

• PC-1869/S - Ceiling Mount Speaker

Box Speakers


• PA Speaker 
• SPV Speaker 

• BS-1034/S - Wall Mount Speakers 

• BS-678  - Public Addrss Speaker 
• BS-680FC - Public Addrss Speaker

Splashproof Box Speakers

• PA Speaker 

• BS-1030 

• SPV Speaker 

• BS-1030B/W - Music/Paging Speakers 

Horn Speakers (Seperate Type)

• SPV Speaker 

• TH-660 Reflex Horn and Driver Units 

Horn Speakers

• CS Series: (CS-64)   (CS-154/304)  

• SC Series:  

• SPV: 

• CS Series - Wide-Range Paging Horns
• CS-64 
• CS-154 
• CS-304 

 • TC-631 

Interior Design Speakers

• PE-64 

• PE-304 

• PJ-64 

 • PJ-304 

• PJ-100W     

• PJ-200W      

• PE 304/604 Series Pendant Speaker UL Rated   


Special Speakers

• PC-5CL -Clean Room Ceiling Speaker 

Speaker Mount Brackets

• YS-151S - Swivel Bracket
• YC-150 - Back Box
• YS-13A - Wall-mount Box 

Impedance Meter


Speaker Guide

Speaker Guide


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