TOA Canada - Ideal Amplifiers for Mass Notification
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Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification

Ideal Amplifiers for Mass Notification

Voice Evacuation & MNS

TOA recommends two of their reliable amplifiers for use in a Mass Notification/ Communication Systems. 9000M2 Series Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifier or the DA Series Multi-Channel Amplifier.

TOA's 9000M2 Series Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifier mass notification ideal features include:

  • Phone paging 8 zones with direct zone selection and groups
  • Mic paging. Currently we do not do this that well but with the addition on the new Q-RM-200 and Q-SS9012 we will be able to do 12 zones using a single power amp.
  • Remote Power ON/Off for efficiency
  • Emergency mute of complete system or muting of channels
  • Paging priorities and BGM ducking

TOA's DA Series Multi-Channel Amplifier mass notification ideal features:

  • Multi-channel amplifier
  • 250 to 500 watts
  • 500 watt series has channel Power ON/OFF and channel Power monitoring
  • 85% efficient power to the speaker load
  • Low heat dissipation do to efficiency
  • Low rack space required, 1RU (DA-250) and 2RU (DA-500)

Next time TOA will discuss F Series Ceiling Speakers, SC Series Paging Horns and the importance of voice intelligibility. Megaphones will also be reviewed for localized crowd control.

Please note that every application is unique. Our system examples are for reference purposes only. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss your specific application requirements or 1-800-263-7639.

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