TOA Canada - TOA Canada Upgrades the IR-800 Classroom Voice-lift
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TOA Canada Upgrades the IR-800 Classroom Voice-lift 

Mississauga, ON, Canada, February 2020 – Education is paramount to succeed in today’s world and with everybody trying to get an edge, it is important to focus on where it starts, in the classroom.
TOA Canada is proud to unveil their enhanced classroom voice-lift system, the IR-800 PLUS, with more features and more benefits for the education market in Canada. By creating a classroom environment with clearer and more consistent sound by educator’s, student learning is bolstered at all grade levels.


The original IR-800 system has become an accepted part of classroom technology by many school boards in Canada as they see the advantages of using it. TOA can clearly demonstrate the systems’ benefits that deliver a greater chance for success to students. “Our team has worked hard to develop a better product for the second generation of our voice-lift system and we really made an effort to take into consideration the feedback we received from end users on how to improve the system”, stated Rico Lucia, Director and General Manager of TOA Canada.


Piggy backing on the first generation, the PLUS system boasts new features while still keeping
the systems differentiator its wide-dispersion, uniformed sound technology. Included in the PLUS system is the possibility to use up to four channels for multiple microphone control and a two-speaker option if installing in larger spaces or two separate rooms. The configuration opportunities will make the new system more flexible to adjust to the needs of the customer.


“It’s great, with the new PLUS attributes I have the ability to recommend different options that will fit what clients are looking for”, said Regional Sales Manager Peter Maclean, ”One speaker or two,
one microphone or three, TOA can now offer those options for the classroom or boardrooms”.  The Infrared wireless system now incorporates a built-in feedback suppressor for clearer sound. The four channel capabilities integrate a priority control function for the teacher, granting them command of the other microphones and ability to mute them. TOA believes in this system and the positive implications it can have on students. The quick and easy installation along with the incredible sound quality derived through the speakers wide-dispersion technology make the IR-800 PLUS an integral part of any school boards educational improvement plans.

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