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National Bank, Montreal, QC

Corporate and Commercial

The National Bank of Canada is the sixth largest commercial bank in Canada. It is headquartered in Montreal, and has branches in most Canadian provinces.


The National Bank of Canada was renovating their head office in Montreal, and as part of the Reno, they wanted to improve the background music in the building and upgrade to a better sound system with more features in the conference and meeting rooms.


This job had very few challenges. TOA made sure that they provided the right equipment that specifically covered the needs of the BNC project.


TOA's regional sales manager worked with BNC and the TOA technical team to develop a plan for using the right equipment to create a satisfactory solution. TOA advised BNC to use the high-quality AV Micro Amplifiers for their boardrooms as they had enough power without going overboard. For the ceiling speakers and background music delivery, the F-2352SC Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speakers were recommended.


The system was installed in phases along with other building renovations that were occurring. Once completed, BNC was very happy with the sound equipment provided and the sound quality it supplied.

About TOA Canada Corporation

TOA Corporation was founded in Kobe, Japan over 80 years ago. TOA operates in over 100 countries worldwide, with manufacturing facilities found in nearly every major market area. These facilities have a reputation for precision design and fabrication, resulting in a proven track record of TOA product reliability. TOA Canada Corporation was formed in 1990 as a complete sound solutions provider, specializing in commercial audio, including, public address, voice communications, voice evacuation and emergency paging requirements. TOA Canada offers complete solutions for all corporate and commercial audio communications and intercom security requirements.



Ceiling Speakers (Wide dispersion type)
Ceiling Speakers (Wide dispersion type)
Expanded listening coverage area through extra-wide dispersion characteristics.
F Series Wide Dispersion Speakers are ideal for music and paging applications such as audio/visual, business music or retail sound systems. The lineup consists of six models with features and price points to suit premium-to-economy applications. Key benefits includes smooth off-axis coverage, versatile range of models and ease of installation.

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