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Latest Addition Expands IP-A1 Series Versatility


TOA Canada announces three new additions to the popular network paging series, the IP-A1, that will create enhanced capabilities to further its foothold as the go-to paging and communication system for businesses.

At the top of this list is the remote microphone, designed to be the main console for operators within the IP-A1 ecosystem. Manage live voice announcements, and playback recorded messages are just a few of the features contained in the stylish gooseneck microphone. “The large display and numerous features make making changes to the unit simple and will be appreciated by end users,” stated Don Angus, Regional Sales Manager for Ontario.

Next on the list is the IP power amplifier, with a 12W driver capable of handling 25V/70V/100V line speakers; the unit can receive SIP audio, operate with ONVIF audio backchannel, and perform multicast. Be it a new install or renovating an old audio system, the amplifier will power the digital signals for IP speakers, or if analog speakers are already installed, it can convert the signal and minimize the work required to change over the old speakers. The amplifier also includes 1 audio input and 3 control I/O’s for added sound and device management.

Lastly on the list, and the most interesting, is the IP microphone panel, which creates a two-way conversation link from anywhere the panel is installed. With the omni-directional condenser microphone and push switch, individuals can quickly initiate intelligible communication to the security office for assistance. “Increasingly, we see the need for multiple means of communication for improved productivity but also, finding better ways to keep people safe, and the IP-A1 series just received a shot in the arm on that front."

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  • Latest Addition Expands IP-A1 Series Versatility