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Our VX-3000 Series Is Live!


TOA Canada Corporation is happy to announce the release of our newest sound solution for mass evacuation and voice notification to the Canadian Market! The culmination of a highly integrated voice evacuation, public address, and BGM system, our new VX-3000 series was developed with a singular mindset: A system dedicated to being as unique as the facilities it will be installed in, without compromising on sound quality or features.

Our new VX-3000 series truly is a powerhouse of its class, designed to be both scalable and highly customizable, meaning that it can be uniquely configured to slot perfectly into a wide variety of different types of facilities. We know that safety is always at the forefront of the considerations of facility managers, overseers, and executive members, and as such we applied our expertise in the realm of sound deliverance so facilities could ensure the safety of inhabitants through sound. When considering safety in the realm of voice evacuation, every second counts, so ensure that announcements are heard by delivering clear and intelligible sound. On top of all its features and design considerations, our VX-3000 also boasts an energy-efficient design. When paired with its non-complex design (allowing for space savings) and a reduction in cable runs and complexity, cost-consciousness becomes another box checked off on its long list of benefits.

We're truly overjoyed to be able to share this system with the Canadian market, jam-packed with PA/VE/BGM functionality, we look forward to begin implementing it in projects that require a modern safety solution. Check it out here.

Compact, flexible, and most importantly, scalable, ensure facility-wide safety regardless of scale with TOA and the VX-3000.