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TOA releases updated ONVIF features on IP Series products:


Here at TOA Canada, we’re constantly looking for ways to expand the capabilities and versatility of our products, continually adding and and upgrading features within the world-class audio equipment we bring to the AV market. And while we are always pleased in being able to provide new options to our clients, we’re also never satisfied, always looking for more ways to improve our offerings. For our most recent iteration, we are happy to announce a new firmware update for the IP-SM15MC.

The Firmware update 1.5.0 adds support for ONVIF Virtual Inputs to the IP-SC15MC horn. This allows all ONVIF compatible VMS to remotely trigger either of the following functions on the horn:

  1. Relay trigger
  2. Audio file playback
  3. Trigger a SIP call to a target SIP extension/IP address
  4. Volume up
  5. Volume down

Our tech and development teams are very passionate about bettering the user experience, with this just serving as the latest instance of always striving to do more. We look forward to continuing to enrich our clients’ experiences with TOA sound systems.

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  • TOA releases updated ONVIF features on IP Series products: