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Installation Profile: Breathing New Life into The Brantford Civic Centre


Here at TOA, we make a point to document the installations of our products and systems across the country. Not only to aid in allowing prospective clients and AV aficionados to discover where TOA systems are installed and can be experienced locally but also because often there is quite an impactful story or aftereffect of the installation that deserves to be shared. For the case of the Brantford Bulldogs, we felt this story was definitely worth sharing.

What set this whole story in motion was the relocation of the OHL team from their arena in Hamilton to the neighboring city of Brantford. Finding themselves in this new large arena, the move posed many challenges, both logistically and spatially. But few were as glaring as the audio system currently in place at the Civic Center. There was a noticeable downgrade mentioned by the Bulldogs team once having arrived at their new arena, while they were satisfied with the system in place at their previous arena, stepping into a new chapter of the team’s history required more than just satisfactory equipment. Reaching out to Hamilton Video & Sound (HVS), the teams began working together to design and install a newer, more powerful system for the Bulldogs' new arena. However, as it turns out the team already had their sound solution in their possession. Discovered in the Bulldogs’ storage over at the Hamilton arena was an unused TOA sound system, a cornucopia of speakers, subs, amps, and more. After an assessment by the team at HVS, it was discovered that the equipment was a perfect fit for the new arena, and on top of that, it was stated as being better quality than even the current system in place at said Hamilton arena.

“It was more than we could’ve expected, Andrew assessed it, the quality of the speakers was great, they worked phenomenally. And he recommended that we put them in here and have a better sound system than we did–even in Hamilton!”

When holding a capacity of 3000 cheering fans, it was clear that the previous system just wouldn’t be able to keep up, but as soon the new equipment was installed, the difference was as clear as day. It was stated that the TOA system provided a whole new level of atmosphere to game day, and that it was a huge improvement from what the team was working with previously. It was also stated that the fans in Brantford are loud–in the best way possible of course–and that they bring such a high level of energy to each game, but the Bulldogs are now equipped with a system that can keep pace.

“I think anyone who comes through here–you ask how’s the sound system? And they’ll say ‘this place is rocking!’ It really brings just another level to the game day atmosphere.”

One of the most memorable moments the team recounted was their first play-off game in Brantford, the way that the sound system integrated with visual elements and the material that the Bulldogs team created electrified the crowd, and showed just how important a good sound system is for the team’s games.

Outside of the main arena, TOA equipment has also found its way into the Bulldog’s rink side lounge, allowing for the team to not only extend the game day experience outside of the rink but also utilize this space as a secondary hub for related activities. This flexibility has allowed for viewing parties within the lounge to feel as if they’re still by the rink, whether it's through the immersive and configurable sound, or even by setting up the play-by-play commentators in the lounge itself whilst still being connected to rink speakers for an even more high-energy watch party.

We are extremely grateful to everyone over at the Brantford Civic Center as well as Hamilton Video & Sound, and look forward to being able to help the arena energized and entertained for many more seasons to come!

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  • Installation Profile: Breathing New Life into The Brantford Civic Centre