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TOA Canada Fall Open House 2024


TOA Canada is happy to announce that we are hosting another open house and training day!

Held at our Canadian head office at 3670 Odyssey Drive, Unit #1, Mississauga, L5M 0Y9.

This year, we're doing things a little bit differently, while still hosting dealers and partners at our office with gift bags for attendees, door prizes, and a complimentary lunch, we're also streaming the individual seminars to TOA's dealers and clients nation-wide.

For in person attendance, register here. 

*All times shown are EST*



Seminar 1: Our New & Upcoming Products 10:00-10:45AM
Seminar 2: New Solutions for Schools – IR-842 Portable Speaker Voicelift System 11:00-11:45AM
Seminar 3: Ensuring Safety with VX-3000 Voice Evacuation System 1:15-2:00PM
Seminar 4: Network IP Paging with IP-A1 Series 2:15-3:00PM
Seminar 5: M-8080D – All in One Digital Signal Processing 3:15-4:00PM

Our New & Upcoming Products

Serving as our opener for the day's festivities, this seminar will go over the present and near future of TOA, including what clients and dealers can expect to see over the horizon for TOA Canada's catalog of sound solutions...

New Solutions for Schools – IR-842 Portable Speaker Voicelift System

Building upon the success of our IR-800 Infrared Classroom Voicelift system, the IR-842 Portable Speaker Voicelift System works just as the name implies. This new system can be set up and packed away in moments, meaning educators are no longer limited to traditional classroom spaces or rooms with installed audio systems. With the IR-842, almost any indoor space can become a classroom that any educator would be proud to teach in.

Ensuring Safety with VX-3000 Voice Evacuation System

Our VX-3000 is a reliable and energy-saving voice alarm system that combines all important functions for PA/VA in one unit frame. With a focus on functionality and cost consciousness, the limited number of components required allows the designs and installations with this system to be much easier, as well as saving space and reducing cable complexity in the process. Thanks to its flexible and scalable system architecture, the VX-3000 system can be used for both small and large applications, with up to 1280 remote microphones, 640 audio sources and 2560 speaker lines.

Network IP Paging with IP-A1 Series

Our IP-A1 series is a group of sophisticated IP audio endpoints and components designed to provide a modern communication solution. With a variety of endpoints, our series is capable of much more features than may meet the eye, and performs tasks ranging from a minimalist PA system even with as little as a single device, all the way up to a full facility covering IP-based PA system.

M-8080D – All In One Digital Signal Processing

Our M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer system is dedicated to music, paging, discussion and zone management solutions for commercial audio applications. Easy to use and to implement, M-8080D offers state-of-the-art signal processing in a cost effective package. Projects using DSP platforms usually require a minimum number of inputs and outputs. M-8080D offers a large choice of I/O options making it a good choice for very different applications. Designed with the intention of use by non-experts, this system affords quick and easy operation. 

In-Person Attendance for Demos & Seminars

For our dealers & partners within commutable distances, we're happily hosting at our office! Equipped with gift bags for attendees, door prizes, and a complimentary lunch, we welcome you to attend in person and learn about all things TOA.




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