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TOA Canada’s integration with Cisco Unified Communications-CUCM


Mississauga, ON, Canada, August 2020 – TOA Canada Corporation, a commercial audio and security equipment manufacturer, works very closely with technology partners to enhance product integration with 3rd party security management systems. The compatibility Cisco CUCMof our products with Cisco Unified Communications – Enterprise provides an advantage to our customers using our SIP intercom system.

As a result of being a Solution Partner of Cisco, TOA has worked closely with Cisco engineers to attain verified compatibility product stats.  “Achieving this level of integration with our successful N-SP80 SIP intercom system offers our customer a clear choice for projects managed by Cisco CUCM that require an intercom system.” Along with the three-member SIP intercom system, the N-8000SG software, which acts as an endpoint (SIP Extension) on your existing SIP server, is also certified.


The recent release of TOA's SP-11N VoIP phone paging module that’s SIP supported with
Auto-answer function became of very popular go between product. The module, which is CUCM certified and CUCM 11.5 compatible, is used to connect to an IP network and directly registered as one SIP phone station. The importance of manufacturing security products that seamlessly connects to communication infrastructure will continue to be a trend and TOA is ready for the lead the market.