TOA Canada - TOA SIP products integration with Asterisk
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Connecting TOA SIP equipment to Asterisk


Mississauga, ON, Canada, June 2021 – With the growth and increased importance of integration between SIP devices to 3rd party servers, TOA Canada eagerly announces the confirmed compatibility of our SIP enable equipment with the Asterisk open-source framework. Ensuring the connectivity of the SIP devices to other manufacturer’s devices through Asterisk will further improve TOA’s position in the market.

TOA is a world leader in communication solutions that include public address systems and mass notification emergency messaging. “The addition of this established integration with Asterisk, delivers on our company’s objective to collaborate with other communication experts,” stated Rico Lucia, Director of TOA Canada. Asterisk becomes another in a long line of technology partners that TOA has aligned with to provide their customers greater flexibility.

 For further details on the Asterisk and TOA SIP compatibility, visit TOA Canada’s website and the SIP product pages.