TOA Canada - The Advantages of the DA Series Amplifier
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3-Jan-2012 8:00am

The Advantages of the DA Series Amplifier

Written by: Josh Srago, CTS, Senior Consultant Liaison, TOA Electronics, Inc.

DA Series AmplifierMany of you are familiar with TOA amplifiers and mixer/amplifiers that we have developed over the course of the last 30+ years. The DA-Series amplifiers from TOA have allowed us to take our amplifier technology to the next level with digital, energy efficient, multi-channel options with higher power output, and some unique features that make the units extremely flexible.

Some of these features will allow for easier and convenient design solutions when choosing an amplifier for your project.

Channel 1 to All
DA Channel 1 to all

On the rear panel of each of the DA Series amplifiers there is a switch that allows you to send the input from channel 1 to all outputs of the unit. This feature allows you to save time as you are wiring the system together when a single input signal is going to all 4 channels. (Saves time in programming a matrix DSP solution as well!) While this may not seem like a unique feature to our amplifiers, there is one part that sets the DA Series apart: All 4 of the amplifier channels volume controls remain discreet when this feature is engaged. That means that if you were to use the DA Series amplifier to broadcast an all page to a factory with an office, a warehouse, a machine shop, and a parking lot, each of the output levels can remain independent of the other.

Compact Design
DA Series AmplifierThe DA Series amplifiers come in 1 rack unit or 2 rack unit sizes depending on how much power is required. The 1 rack unit size (DA-250D/DA-250DH/DA-250F/DA-250FH) is capable of outputting a total 1000W of power at high or low impedance. The 2 rack unit size (DA-550F/DA-500F-HL) is capable of outputting a total 2000W of power at high or low impedance. This means that if you were working with a small to medium sized House of Worship that would require 2 HX-5B speakers and 1 FB-120 subwoofer, you would be capable of powering all three speakers from a single 2 rack space amplifier. The reason we would be able to do this is that each channel of a DA-550F would be able to output 350W @ 8 ohms. Channels 1 and 2 would power the 2 HX-5B speakers, and then we could bridge channels 3 and 4 to create a 1100W @ 8 ohms channel to power the FB-120 subwoofer.

DA Series Chart

The DA-500F-HL is a unique unit unto itself because it is capable of powering both high impedance AND low impedance speakers – simultaneously! As a 4 channel amplifier it has an extremely flexible power output capability based on the requirements of your system. This means that you can set up a system with 2 low impedance, high power speakers on channels 1 and 2, while using channels 3 and 4 of the unit for a 70V distributed system. All of that without having to program anything into the unit or flip any switches. The unit will automatically detect the impedance on the speaker line and apply the corresponding wattage.

DA Series Back of Amp

Questions? Contact TOA’s Technical Support Department:
1-800-263-7639 or 905-564-3570

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