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20-Dec-2010 1:30Pm

2 Zone System Made Easy

With the release of the BG-200 and BG-2000 Series, there were some new features added to these classic mixer/amplifier designs. One of which, the Music-On-Hold (MOH) function, allows for a quick and easy way expand on a system when a 2 zone solution may be required. For a practical example, let’s look at a restaurant/bar situation. In this case, there could be a few different BGM inputs (cable TV, BGM), and a paging microphone. Of course we don’t want our paging microphone to be broadcasting to the restaurant section, just the bar area letting the patrons know when their table is ready. By using the MOH assignment dip switches on the back of the BG-200 or BG-2000 mixer/amp we are able to select which of the signals going into the unit are sent to the MOH output. In this example, selecting the input of the BGM to feed the MOH output would give the restaurant area only BGM while the bar area would receive both BGM and the paging microphone.

2 Zone System Made Easy, BG-200, BG-2000, BG-M

As with any 2 zone system, this will require the addition of a second amplifier, for which I can recommend our BA-200 series as a simple solution. Being only a half rack space wide, the BA-200 can pair with the BG-200 and the MB-25B-J, taking up only 2 rack spaces.

2 Zone System Made Easy, BG-200, BG-2000, BG-M

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