TOA Canada - TOA Firmware and Software Release
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TOA Corporation releases new firmware and software updates.

TOA Corporation has released new updates for the following products to improve functionality and fix bugs. You can visit our Data Library; and search for the product and download the latest Software (SW) and install.

This information ought to be shared to distributors, dealers and end users of these TOA products.
Update the products for reliable and consistent performance.

Thank you.


Firmware update:

N-SP80MS1 (ver. -  Master Station

N-SP80VS1/AS1 (ver.  -  Both Door Stations

EV-700 ver.1.4.6 -> 1.4.7

Software Update:

DP-K1 / DP-SP3 / D-901 / EV-20R  -  USB driver now compatible with Windows 10