PP-001T Priority Paging Interface, between 9000 series to M-864D

The PP-001T is a Priority Paging Interface that connects TOA’s 9000 series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers to TOA’s M-864D Digital Stereo Mixer, to add paging function with priority to the M-864D. 
The PP-001T can connect to any 3rd party mixer/amplifier that can provide Dry Contact Output. 

Note: The interface requires 12VDC 1A AC Adapter.



Power Source   12 VDC
Current Consumption   1A
Maximum Switching Current   2A
Contact Input Dry Contact Closure, removable terminal block (2P)
Finish Plastic (black)
Dimensions 4.05" (W) x 2.60"(H) x 1.58:(D)  (102.9 x 66 x 40.1 mm)
Operating Temperature 32°F (0°C) to + 104°F (+40°C)


* power supply included