D-923AE Digital Input Module


The D-923AE is a 2-channel line digital input module designed for use with the D-901 Digital Mixer, etc. With the use of this module, digital signals can be input, permitting direct connection of the D-901 Digital Mixer to equipment having a digital output. Owing to the built-in sample rate converter, the module can handle signals of various sampling frequencies.


Input 2 channels, 2.0 - 7.0 V (p-p), 110 Ω, XLR-3-31 or equivalent
Applicable Format AES/EBU (2 channel multiplexed)
Sampling Frequency 32 - 48 kHz
Finish Panel: Pre-coated steel plate, black, 30% gloss
Dimensions 35 (W) × 119.5 (H) × 178.4 (D) mm
Weight 130 g