MW-41BT - Audio Interface with USB and Bluetooth

MW-41BT is TOA’s second generation of audio input panels. It is equipped with Microphone, Aux (3.5mm),
USB and Bluetooth inputs, and one Mono balanced output. The in-wall design and modern appearance
make it ideal for saving space and integration to various facilities.

Optional Lockbox
Surface Mount
Flush Mount

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PP-001T Priority Paging Interface, between 9000 series to M-864D

The PP-001T is a Priority Paging Interface that connects TOA’s 9000 series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers to TOA’s M-864D Digital Stereo Mixer, to add paging function with priority to the M-864D. 
The PP-001T can connect to any 3rd party mixer/amplifier that can provide Dry Contact Output. 

Note: The interface requires 12VDC 1A AC Adapter.


M-900MK2 8-Channel Mixer Preamplifier

The M-900MK2 Mixer Preamplifier controls and mixes up to eight independent input signals and delivers up to +20 dBm of output power. Optional pulg in modules are available for use with mixer preamplifier to provide versatility for a wide range of operating applications.


M-864D Digital Stereo Mixer

The M-864D is a 4U rack mountable Digital stereo mixer having 15 input channels including 8 monaural input channels and 7 stereo input channels, 6 output channels including 4 monaural output channels and 1 stereo recording output channel, and 4 bus channels. It is equipped with digital signal processing functions such as Automatic resonance control function (ARC(*1)), Feedback suppressor function (FBS), Automatic stereo input mute function (AUTO MUTE or Ducker), and Equalizer. Advanced acoustic compensation can be automatically performed without using an acoustic measuring instrument. Furnished with various function setting buttons and 14 analog volume faders, the M-864D can be operated without need for use of a PC. However, it can also be operated by connecting the PC or optional Remote control panel. It can be mounted in an EIA component rack (4U size). (*1) Automatic Resonance Control function automatically creates the filter curve to improve sound clarity by measuring the acoustic characteristics inherent in architectural space.

*Optional Priority Paging Interface PP-001T


M-633D Digital Stereo Mixer

The M-633D is a stereo mixer equipped with 12 input channels (6 monaural inputs and 3 stereo inputs) and 6 output channels (2 monaural outputs, 1 stereo output, and 1 stereo recording output). It has 2 monaural channel and 1 stereo channel bus lines, allowing each input signal to be assigned to each bus line individually. It features digital signal processing functions such as Automatic Resonance Control function (ARC), Feedback Suppressor function (FBS), Automatic Clipguard function (ACG), and Automatic Mute function (AUTO MUTE). It performs advanced acoustic compensation by means of automatic processing without the use of an acoustic measuring instrument. It can be mounted in an EIA component rack (1U size).


Application Brochures: Conference RoomHouse of WorshipGymnasium

M-633D Digital Mixer Feedback Suppressor and Acoustic Resonance Control (ARC) Demo

Q-D-2012C Remote Console Unit

The Q-D-2012C is a 6U rack mountable Remote Console Unit designed for exclusive use with the D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor Unit. Assigned to any desired channels inside the D-2008SP by the dedicated software, the Q-D-2012C's 12 motorized faders and 8 rotary encoders can remotely adjust their volumes. Desired preset memories can be recalled using 8 function keys. It is equipped with 1 channel line input (stereo), which allows the audio signal to be transmitted to the D-2008SP via monitor bus. Audio signals inside the D-2008SP can be monitored via monitor bus through headphones connected to a stereo headphone output. The Q-D-2012C can be installed on a desk with the additional use of an optional Q-D-2012AS Console Case.


D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor Unit

The D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor Unit is designed to have up to 32 audio inputs and outputs in total, and to be mounted in an EIA standard equipment rack (3U size). A built-in powerful signal processing function permits the unit to be used as both a mixer and a signal processor. Its audio input/output and control ports can accept optional plug-in modules, making the unit have a maximum of 32 inputs or 32 outputs and up to 2 control modules. Using the following optional modules enables the unit to perform their functions: Two D-983s for providing a maximum of 48 contact inputs and 32 contact outputs, D-984VC for VCA control, and D-2000CB for audio data transfer between multiple D-2008SP units. Each function is set by the dedicated setting software on a PC. Setting contents can be stored in the unit's internal memory as preset memory, which can be recalled by the D-2008SP without using a PC. The D-2012C, when connected, remotely controls the D-2008SP's basic operations such as volume control.


Support Files:

AMX Support Files


Creston Support Files


Q-D-2012AS Console Case

Q-D-2012AS Console Case is designed to make the Q-D-2012C Remote Console Unit desk-top type. It includes a set of mounting hardware such as an armrest and side panels.

D-901 Digital Mixer

The D-901 is a 19-type rack-mounted (3U high) digital mixer configured with 12 inputs, 8 buses, and 8 outputs. It features signal processing functions necessary for sound systems such as feedback suppression and auto-mixing. Modular construction permits flexible configuration of inputs and outputs, from 2-IN/4-OUT to 12-IN/8-OUT systems. All functional parameters can be set at the unit. Settings can be stored in the unit's internal memory as "preset memory" and can be recalled using the front panel-mounted operation keys.


Support Files:

AMX Support Files


Creston Support Files



D-911 VCA Fader Unit

The D-911 is a dedicated VCA fader unit designed for use with the D-901 Digital Mixer, etc. Connecting the D-911 to the D-984VC, VCA control module permits the volume control of all channels and contact controls.