TOA Canada - Tech Tip: Return Authorization (RA) Online Form
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Tech Tip: Return Authorization (RA) Online Form

TOA's RA Department is excited to share with you our new online Return Authorization Form. This form can be found on our Contact Page.

Now you can enter all of your product return information in our easy to use online form. Fill out the form and press the submit button and it will be sent directly to the RA Department for processing. A TOA staff member will then contact you with an RA number and instructions or with any follow up questions they might have.

All RA forms must be sent to, or by fax 905-564-3569.
*Please send all re-ordered/replacement product to our Customer Service Department by fax 905-564-3569 or call 1-800-463-3569 or email

Need to print the RA form? Download the form, save it to your computer, fill it out (using Adobe Acrobat or by hand) and email or fax it back to us for processing.

Online Return Authorization (RA) Form

Return Authorization