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  1. Potential discount/decrease in pricing to allow you to secure projects. (Based on multiple categories or TOA combined product bundles)
  2. Based on your estimation or Probability of Close, TOA will review present stock levels to support your project. Therefore allowing you more timely shipments and decreased time of backorders.
  3. Working closer with TOA Sales Managers in your territory. (i.e.: Demo of products, customer visits, literature, presentations, loaner equipment, etc…)
  4. Factory direct design, consultation, and technical support.
  5. Allowing you the protection you require.
  6. All projects are held in strict privacy and confidentiality.



  1. Click on the Project Registration Link below. (Download and Save to your desktop)
  2. Fill out the form completely.
  3. Click on: "PLEASE SEND THIS FORM COMPLETED TO SALES@TOACANADA.COM (cc: your regional sales manager)."
  4. E-mail TOA Canada Corporation your completed Project Registration form to register your project.


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