• TOA launches our brand new MP-16 audio monitoring panel
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Discreet background music, intelligible announcements, easy handling. Sounds good.
NEW, M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer System
 One system for music, paging, and zone management.
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The newest addition to the TOA line up is the M-8080D series

M-8080D Series

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M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer 

The 8x8 Digital Matrix Mixer is a dedicated music, paging, discussion, and zone management solutions for Commercial Audio applications.M-8080D offers software-driven state-of-the-art signal processing in a cost-effective package. A variety of accessories for the M-8080 series will be released before long. 

  • 8 analog IN / 8 analog OUT
  • 4 digital IN / 4 digital OUT (expandable via remote
  • devices of M-8080D Series)
  • Max. System I/O: 12 x 12.
  • Compressor
  • Ducker
  • Feedback Compression (FBC)
  • Auto
  • Mixer
  • Delay
  • 5 band EQ


 Dante Module
 The M-800DT Dante module provides an easy-to use audio over ethernet connection between up to 16 M-8080D Matrix Mixer Systems. It adds 8 Dante Inputs and Outputs channels to expand the possibilities of the M-8080D system with the Dante ecosystem.


Brochure   A&E   Specs





M-800RC, Remote Control Panel

Designed for exclusive use with the M-8080D, the M-800RC Remote Audio Control Panel has a volume/routing control knob.


  • Direct power supply by network cable
  • LCD screen with output level display
  • RD port IN, for connection to M-8080D
  • RD port LINK for daisy chain connection



M-802RC, Remote Control Panel with two audio outputs

M-802RC Remote Audio Control Panel with two audio outputs has a volume/routing control knob.

  • Input/Output signal routing
  • Direct power supply by network cable
  • 2 analog outputs
  • LCD screen with output level display



M-822IO Audio Input Output Module

The device includes build in A/D and D/A converters processing digital audio AES3 signals from and to the M-8080D.

  • Built-in A/D and D/A converter
  • 2 analog inputs (MIC/ stereo line)
  • 2 analog outputs
  • Phantom Power
  • Input Sensitivity



M-800RM          M-800RM
M-800RM Remote Microphone 

M-800RM Remote Microphone has volume control and zone selector as well as an indicator LED on the gooseneck microphone.

  • Up to 12 different zones
  • Zone selector with volume control
  • Push-to-talk gooseneck microphone
  • USB port to load Chimes sound files



 M-800RCT Remote Control Panel

 M-800RCT Remote Control Panel

• Input/Output signal routing
• Preset Control
• 4.3" touch screen
• Direct power supply by network cable
• LCD screen with output level display



M-804EX Port Expander

M-804EX Extension Module 4 Ports is a port expander featuring a star connection of the controllers.
  • 1 digital port In (from M-8080D)
  • 1 digital port Out for audio plus control
  • 3 digital Ports Out for control only
  • 24V DC power supply





Enjoying a live sporting event or just watching your kids play sports is enhanced with a quality audio system that delivers intelligible messages, clear music and of course, goal announcements, providing the audience a full experience at a sports complex should be part of any overall plan when assessing the performance of the sound system. Utilize TOA's experience in this market and the expansive product line up to suit the unique spaces found in each building.
The new DSP series with its features and accessories, add the extra depth to cover the needs of sporting facilities across Canada. 

Hotels and Hospitallity

In a hotel application, the M-8080D delivers simple multi-audio service and distribution. A hotel is more than just a room with a bed. A hotel is a meeting of service and sensual experience. Sound design in a hotel must consider many things: Unobtrusive but atmospheric background music, intelligible information delivery, and easy-to-use technology for the most diverse occasions. All of this will be easy to accomplish with the new DSP.


Retail and Mall

Malls and retail spaces have a considerable number of zones to reach and a large amount of people in their facility that need to clearly hear announcements. To make visitors feel comfortable, background music and general atmosphere must be tailored to the respective product group, while supporting the general feeling of well-being. To obtain the desired sound, we offer a wide range of loudspeakers that will allow system modifications to meet your needs.


Who doesn’t enjoy a trip out to the bar or restaurant, Dr. Sound is known to have a sweet tooth for a good pecan pie. Playing Sting at the bar, Beyoncé on the patio and Blake Shelton at the door requires convenient control of playlists and volume control in different zones. A pleasant atmosphere is part of the total excursion experience so utilize TOA for the best results.



In a fitness centre or gym, Dr. Sound is always talking about the need to have flexible sound control. Whether its cardio training on the treadmill, muscle building on machines, or relaxation in the sauna – an essential part of the experience is also how the customers perceive it. Different zones can be conveniently controlled from the reception/bar to drive the variety of music for diverse activities to keep individuals entertained.