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                            IP Network Audio Management System                                

IP-A1 Series 

Our new IP-A1 paging system is a server less audio management system that utilizes SIP protocol and devices.
Capable of flexible configurations to suit project requirements, it also offers system expansion if needed.
The series is a cost effective with a lower labour and material cost and simplified cabling structure. The IP-A1 is 
capable of integrating with other building services and subsystems.
The IP-A1 Series offers several functions that include;

•  Working with local amplifiers
•  Operates with Lo-Z speaker and Hi-Z 100V/70V/25V
•  Prioritizing of content to allow override
•  P2P and group broadcasting
•  As a mini amplifier for local broadcasting


 What?  When?  Where/Who?  How?
Content  Trigger  Zoning  Knowhow 
•Live Messages
•Pre-recorded Messages
•Alarm Messages
•  IoT Sensor
•  Signal Sensing
•  HTTP Command 

•  Individual Speakers
•  Areas/Zones
•  Group of Zones 

・ Paging Microphone
・ SIP Phone (via SIP server)
・ VMS integration (ONVIF)

With Priority and volume control








  • Line output and control output allow connection to local amplifier
  • 15W low impedance amplifier (8Ω)
  • Line or Mic input enabled
  • Internal Sound Message: 20 (Max 80MB)


Brochure   Specification   User Manual   User Manual


IP-A1AF - IP Audio Interface        
IP-PG - Gateway


  • Converts SIP/ONVIF/AUX audio to multicast audio streams
  • Scheduler for Audio file broadcasting
  • Priority control of the broadcaster's device (Paging Mic or SIP phone)
  • Event broadcasting by contact input
  • AUX input for Background Music


Brochure   Specification   User Manual    A&E     
IP-A1PG - IP Paging Gateway        
IP-A1PC238 Ceiling Speaker


  • Speaker output:8W
  • Build-in sound source:20 (Max. 80MB)
  • Contact input:2
  • Contact output:1


 Brochure   Specification   User Manual    A&E    
 IP-A1PC238 - Ceiling Speaker        
IP-A1PC580S   Ceiling Speaker


  • Speaker output:8W
  • Build-in sound source:20 (Max. 80MB)
  • Contact input:2
  • Contact output:1
  • Audio Output 1


 Brochure   Specification   User Manual   A&E    
  IP-A1PC580S- Ceiling Speaker        
 IP-A1PC580R  Ceiling Speaker


  • Speaker output:8W
  • Build-in sound source:20 (Max. 80MB)
  • lAudio Input : 1 (LINE/MIC)
  • Contact input: 2
  • Contact output:1
  • Audio Output 1


 Brochure   Specification   User Manual    A&E    
  IP-A1PC580R- Ceiling Speaker        
 IP-A1SC15 Network Horn


  • Max SPL is 124 dB at 15W
  • Powered with PoE+
  • Built-in sound source:20 (Max. 80MB)
  • Multiple broadcast modes


 Brochure   Specification   User Manual    Set-up    
 IP-A1SC15 - Network Horn Speaker        
IP-A1 Remote Microphone   • 10 function-assignable keys to initiate broadcasts or controls
• GUI calendar scheduler function (up to 2,000 settings)
• System mute function to mute all broadcasts 
• 1 AUX audio input (LINE/MIC selectable, phantom power On/Off)
• 2 control inputs, 1 control output and 1 mute contron input
   Brochure   Specification   User Manual    
IP-A1RM - Remote Microphone        
IP-A1MP Microphone Panel   • Audio accessory unit to be used in conjunction with IP-A1 series devices for having two-way conversations or audio monitoring
• Omni-directional electret condensor microphone
• Momentary type push switch to initiate a call 
• Indicator lights during control input is being triggered
  Brochure   Specification   User Manual 
IP-A1MP - Microphone Panel        
IP-A1PA12 IP Power Amplifier   • 12W amplifier to drive 100/70/25V line speakers
• Receive SIP audio, ONVIF Audio and Multicast
• Local broadcast using internal audio files or local audio source
• External amplifier input (100/70/25V) to share speakers between the
built-in amplifer and external PA amplifier to be switched over
• 1 audio input (LINE/MIC selectable, phantom power On/Off)
  Brochure   Specification   User Manual 
IP-A1PA12 - IP Power Amplifier        
IP-SC15MC Horn Speaker  

• Multiple broadcast modes
• PoE/PoE+ powered
• Bi-directional communication with built-in internal mic
• Audio file storage/ playback program


   Brochure   Specification   User Manual 
IP-SC15MC Network Horn Speaker with Microphone        













Examples of projects using IP-A1 Paging System