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TOA Canada has changed the format to be N-8000 Intercom Certified.

After consultation within our organization and the market, TOA has decided to change the way we offer and present our Dealer Certified Training. The training will be available online, On-Demand where qualified dealer and installers can request access to the modules followed by an exam. This is a slight variation of what we have been doing the last year with a virtual training session on a set day. The more convenient format will allow individuals to set aside time to complete the course with the allotted time.  

The training is comprised of 4 modules, covering approximately 4-5 hours of lessons followed by a 1.5-hour exam. The presenter will go over all aspects of the N-8000 intercom system. You will gain a strong understanding of the hardware, software, and real-world applications.  

TOA Canada Corporation expertly trains individuals to achieve our Intercom Dealer Certified Training Program. We believe that success comes through education. Therefore, we have developed our N-8000 IP Intercom Dealer Certified Training Program.

The program will continue to provide a thorough overview of the technical parameters of selecting, programming, and installing TOA's N-8000 Series. Contact TOA if you need more information on the benefits of being N-8000 certified.

Completion of the course will be achieved with a passing mark on the exam. Successful dealers will be provided with a Certificate and letter stating that you are a TOA Canada Corporation Certified N-8000 IP Intercom Installer and Re-seller. We will also provide your company with an Intercom price list.

Please note, to ensure you receive your 2023 Intercom Price List, completion of the course with a passing mark of the exam is required. 


Cost: $99 + tax 

Online: On-Demand




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Contact Nelson Antunes for more details on TOA's NEW On-Demand
N-8000 Certification Training

Email Nelson
1-800-263-7639  ext.341


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Curious about obtaining TOA's
N-8000 Intercom Certification?

  • Are you curious about TOA's Intercom Dealer Certified Training?
  • Would you like to learn more about what the program is all about?
  • Are you wondering if this training program is for you?
Contact your local Regional Sales Manager who will enlighten you on the pros of having access to TOA's IP intercom system. 

The Training Delivers:

  • Benefits of taking the training
  • How it can save you time specifying, designing, selling and installing
  • TOA's Intercom Product
  • Installation, Design, Programming, Applications