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TOA Conference Microphones: More Productive Meetings

Man Cave

Man Cave, Brantford, ON

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website Ultra Luxury Man Cave houses one man's multi-million dollar car collection - by Wheels.ca
Exhibition Park

Exhibition Park Facility, Saint John, NB

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Image of vaughan met

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Vaughan, ON

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Jean Coutu Group, Varennes, QC

The Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc. is the leading Drugstore Chain in Québec, New Brunswick and Ontario. They provide high quality products for health, beauty and hygiene in efficient and friendly environments. The franchise has over 400 stores and employs more than 20,000 people. In 2014, they broke ground on a new 883,000 square feet (50% larger than their original facility in Longueil) distribution center and head office, which is now home to an intelligible communications system.

Distribution centers are incredibly noisy and reverberant environments. Jean Coutu's warehouse is no exception. The corporation needed to meet SPL (sound pressure levels) and control reverberation so that paging communications could be heard intelligibly. 

Siscom worked with TOA Canada Corporation to meet the requirements of Jean Coutu Group which included a combination of Paging Horn Speakers and Ceiling Speakers. TOA's SC-630T is a compact, highly intelligible speaker known for providing clear and intelligible public address announcements. The Paging Horn speakers are certified to IP65 standards for dust and water protection. The F-2352SC 2-way wide dispersion ceiling speakers are ideal for office areas or smaller areas where well-balanced sound can be heard uniformly at any location. The head end of the project includes TOA's 9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier. This Amplifier provides zone paging and DSP. The speakers are driven by TOA's DA Series Power Amplifiers.

Jean Coutu PharmacyWebsite

SC-630T paging horn DA-500 Series

Image of Audi Toronto

Audi Midtown Dealership, Toronto, ON

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Image of War Museum

Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, ON

The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario is a major national museum of military history, covering Canada's military past from earliest times to the present day. The Public Address System at the museum features TOA's F Series - Ceiling Speakers, PJ Series - Wide Range Projection Speakers, BS-1030W - Music and Paging Speakers, IP Series - Dual Channel Amplifiers, VM-2000 Series - System Management Amplifier, M-900MK2 Mixer Preamplifier, and TOA's P-900 Series Power Amplifiers.
fort calgary

Fort Calgary Historical Site , Calgary, AB

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Iron Ore Company of Canada, Labrador City, Newfoundland

Iron Ore Company of Canada upgraded their paging system in Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador to improve staff safety. The system had to have intelligible sound to convey important information throughout the facility, including safety messages, instructions and tones. 

Some of the challenges with this project included; many rooms in different buildings, various sized rooms, many different purposes for the many rooms within the facility, different noise levels in different areas and buildings, including areas where hearing protection is required. Humidity was also a factor.

TOA’s SC-630T – Paging Horns, are ideal for voice and tone signalling distribution, are weather-resistant for tough environments, such as the mining industry, and have intelligible sound.Labrodor City Mines

Image of L’Accueil Colombien

L’Accueil Colombien, Winnipeg, MB

L’Accueil Colombien, a Seniors Residence in the Saint Boniface district of Winnipeg, believes that their residents should enjoy their entertainment and free time, and has provided the residents with an AV system, that sounds great and functions well. The entertainment room at this residence has very high ceilings and is a larger open concept room. Providing high quality sound for the residents was very important to L’Accueil Colombien.

The entertainment room has activities running all day long. The AV system encompasses a cable TV receiver so the residents can enjoy viewing sporting events including the Olympics and curling. During the day, the L’Accueil Colombien plays a French radio station through the audio system. Three nights a week, the residents at L’Accueil Colombien enjoy their Wii fitness nights so much that there is often a long line up to register to play games including boxing, bowling and golf.

This spirited and lively group of residents enjoys the sounds that are played through two HX-5W (Variable Angle Speakers) clusters, complimented with a subwoofer (FB-120W). The entertainment system makes their days more enjoyable and fun.

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Image of Kramer Auction Sales Ltd., North Battleford, SK

Kramer Auction Sales Ltd., North Battleford, SK

TOA’s HX-5B-WP Variable Angle Speakers were chosen by Pippin Technical to meet the requirements of the auction house. TOA’s HX-5 Series speakers were chosen because they had a predictable ‘level before feedback’, are very robust weather-resistant speakers that can operate outside in low and high temperatures.

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Image of Aviation Reproduction

Aviation Reproductions Inc., Mississauga, ON

The flexibility of TOA’s product allowed for a design of a communications system that would allow the existing 6 ohm transformerless cabin speakers to power the speakers in the handsets, driven with a line-level signal, using TOA’s M-9000 Series Mixer/Matrix.

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SNOLAB, Sudbury, ON

SNOLAB is an underground science lab specializing in neutrino and dark matter physics. It is located 2km below the surface in the Vale Creighton Mine. When setting up this facility, life safety was a crucial part of the planning. In an emergency, SNOLAB needs to be able to effectively and intelligibly communicate with their employees throughout the lab. They need to be able to warn of danger, provide emergency and general communications.

The challenge with this facility is it's environmental conditions. Because of the nature of their work and the facility is located in a mine, they deal with issues such as heat, dust, dirt, reflective surfaces and clean rooms. SNOLAB required communications equipment that would work in tough environments and clean rooms. 

TOA Canada Corporation provided SNOLAB with a design recommendation, which included a combination of Wide Range Horn Speakers and Paging Horn Speakers. These speakers are certified to IP65 standards for dust and water protection. The CS-304 Wide Range Horn Speaker is easy to clean while delivering full range reproduction. This horn is also water resistant and can stand up to the harsh environment within SNOLAB. The head end of the project includes TOA's 9000 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier. This Amplifier provides zone paging and DSP. The speakers are driven by TOA's DA Series Power Amplifiers.

SNOLAB feels confident that they can maintain their high standards of safety and communications throughout SNOLAB by relying on TOA's products. 

SNOLAB Website

SC-630T paging horn

TOA Conference Microphones: More Productive Meetings


More Productive Meetings

Are your conferences suffering from confidentiality issues, sudden muting, hard-to-hear conferences or translation issues? TOA’s high quality conference audio systems boast clear sound, compact sizes and simple set-ups for large, medium and small conference rooms. TOA has a solution that supports smooth, hassle-free conferencing.

TS-800/900 Application Example

A boardroom and conference facility meant for critical and confidential meetings might include TOA’s TS-800/900 Infrared Conference System. The TS-800/900 Conference System is a wireless, portable system that relies on infrared technology, which does not transmit outside of the conference room, preventing eavesdropping, allowing for a confidential wireless meeting. Additionally, the TS-900 microphones come with voting functions so numerous decisions can be made quickly during the meeting. Simultaneous translation is also available on the TS-900. The newest feature of the TS-800/900 Infrared Conference System is the user friendly, interactive software that provides control of the system from the desktop. This system is compatible with Crestron and AMX so that the conference microphone system can be managed with a touch screen. Compliment TOA’s TS-800/900 Infrared Conference System with proper room acoustics by including TOA’s popular F-122C Series Ceiling Speakers, the M-9000M2 Modular Digital Matrix Mixer and DA-250FH Power Amplifier, plus any required wired or wireless microphones for audience participation. (Note: Smaller and wired conference solutions are also available with TOA’s TS-770 Conference System).

Download TOA's Easy Boardroom PDF.

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