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Commercial Audio in Corporate and Commercial Environments

Boardrooms, background music and paging for offices and warehouses, building security, and parking garages are all areas within the corporate environment that rely on sound and communications. TOA sound systems for Corporate and Commercial buildings provide numerous benefits throughout the facility. 

Boardrooms, Meeting and Training Rooms

Are you looking for a simple easy to use conferencing system, or do you need a more secure conference system? A solution that eliminates radio interference or eavesdropping? That offers bilingual conferencing? TOA provides conferencing equipment that is ideal for boardrooms. Many government offices rely on our conferencing systems for town hall meetings. Offering both wired and stand-alone systems that are designed to offer maximum reliability and are easy to use. 

Background music and voice lift are also ideal in a meeting/training room environment to ensure that the presenter and participants can be heard, or so that you can add sound to your presentation or event. 

Paging and Background Music

A sound system is essential in creating ambiance, providing an environment that is pleasing to those in it. A sound system that provides background music offers a relaxed environment putting customers and employees at ease. Yet there is more to sound systems than music. They also play a role in broadcasting information, fulfilling the need to reliably convey up-to-date and useful information to your customers and staff. You can also use a sound system to provide advertising or emergency messages that have pre-recorded content relayed at appropriate timing. Even in the noisiest of warehouses, TOA has you covered. We offer a wide range of speakers, paging horns and amplifiers to suit your specific application. 

Building Security

In today's ever changing world, employers are concerned for the safety of their staff and the public that use their facility. Having a security system that includes door access, paging, and station to station communications, can help you communicate in an emergency. This is also now becoming a standard practice throughout many facilities.. TOA provided IP Intercom products that work in a single building or across multiple locations. We are also the only manufacturer to meet the UL 2572 and CAN/ULC-S576 Mass Notification Standards with our Voice Integrated Amplifier. 

TOA sound systems can be configured in a variety of ways to match the architecture, application, and the desired acoustic quality at the installation location.

Please note that every application is unique. Our system examples are for reference purposes only. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss your specific application requirements. or 1-800-263-7639. 

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TOA Conference Microphones: More Productive Meetings


More Productive Meetings

Are your conferences suffering from confidentiality issues, sudden muting, hard-to-hear conferences or translation issues? TOA’s high quality conference audio systems boast clear sound, compact sizes and simple set-ups for large, medium and small conference rooms. TOA has a solution that supports smooth, hassle-free conferencing.

TS-800/900 Application Example

A boardroom and conference facility meant for critical and confidential meetings might include TOA’s TS-800/900 Infrared Conference System. The TS-800/900 Conference System is a wireless, portable system that relies on infrared technology, which does not transmit outside of the conference room, preventing eavesdropping, allowing for a confidential wireless meeting. Additionally, the TS-900 microphones come with voting functions so numerous decisions can be made quickly during the meeting. Simultaneous translation is also available on the TS-900. The newest feature of the TS-800/900 Infrared Conference System is the user friendly, interactive software that provides control of the system from the desktop. This system is compatible with Crestron and AMX so that the conference microphone system can be managed with a touch screen. Compliment TOA’s TS-800/900 Infrared Conference System with proper room acoustics by including TOA’s popular F-122C Series Ceiling Speakers, the M-9000M2 Modular Digital Matrix Mixer and DA-250FH Power Amplifier, plus any required wired or wireless microphones for audience participation. (Note: Smaller and wired conference solutions are also available with TOA’s TS-770 Conference System).

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